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Tuesday, 21 July 2009 14:36

The Strata DK424i system offers comprehensive features that meet your full range of telecommunication needs, whether your business is small or large. Equally important, Strata DK424i enables you to enhance your system with value-packed optional features at any time, delivering the exact level of performance your business needs as it grows. That's how Strata DK424i assures both maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you require Voice Mail/Auto Attendant, Computer Telephony Integration, ACD/MIS call center functions or Voice Over Internet Protocol, Strata DK424i offers the optimum solution. Universal slot architecture provides configuration flexibility, allowing you to create almost any combination of trunk lines, telephones and peripherals. The system's scalable "building block" design lets you start small and grow as large as 200 lines or 336 telephones.

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